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Sanctorium: Gods of Dalines

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2015-09-08 09:26:16
By Marten
It's been a while since the last update. But there is some news; all the Dalines websites were moved to a new server over the weekend. This includes the Sheetgen, Empyreal and Sanctorium sites.

The Lithium beta chats have been abandoned and have now emerged at beseen.chat. The original BeSeen Clones will gradually be merged with the new service.

If you feel like chatting with me or having questions about any of the sites come join the General Chat at beseen.chat, its a fun experience in which you can gain levels and play a card game while chatting.

Also, for the Sheetgen community, there still is no Password recovery option. Sorry.

In case you encounter any broken links/images please let me know on Twitter @dalines_! Thanks.

2014-05-31 21:05:30
By Marten
Below are the patch notes for the latest release of Empyreal. It's a release, please note that the changelog does not provide all the minor balance fixes. Next stop, 0.6 - Horae's Requisition.

0.5.1 - Vinvella's Protraction

Iteration over all the cards and see which ones are fun and which ones required changes.

  • ADDED Rewards for Achievements (Empyros).

  • IMPLEMENTED Zombie King achievement.
  • IMPLEMENTED Nebuchadnezzar II achievement.
  • IMPLEMENTED Divine Divinity achievement.
  • IMPLEMENTED Supreme Saviour achievement.

  • UPDATED Endeavor for Wealth, changed rewards from casting.

  • FIXED Consecration, no longer tries to increase Faith on Devouts.
2014-03-09 13:10:21
By Marten
I'll be releasing Empyreal patch notes through this channel as well from now on. The Sanctorium client has been updated for these changes as well; however the manual is still based on the 0.4 version. It will be updated soon.

0.5 - Vinvella's Proclamation

Refactored the game setup completely, games are now played with a pre-build deck and players need to draw cards and obtain building blue prints. Booster packs can be bought with Empyros, this is a currency which is earnt by playing the game.

Changes have been made to casting cost to compensate for the removal of Booster cost during game play. Gold is now used for Devout upkeep. Casting cost for most Spells have increased in Faith points.

  • ADDED Construction Plan card type.
  • ADDED Victory rewards.
  • ADDED Achievements.
  • ADDED Participation rewards.
  • ADDED Decks and Card drawing.
  • ADDED Deck creation API.
  • ADDED Empyros currency on User level for booster purchase.
  • ADDED Upkeep for Devouts (1 Gold per turn).
  • ADDED Rarity to cards: Free, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  • ADDED Starting items to cities.
  • ADDED New resource: Construction points.
  • ADDED Maximum turn to join.

  • ADDED Forgotten Mint resource card.
  • ADDED Foundry artefact card.
  • ADDED Favor of Arazu spell card.
  • ADDED Illustrious Illusion Achievement.
  • ADDED Voice of an Angel Achievement.
  • ADDED Zombie King Achievement.
  • ADDED Amazon Annihilator Achievement.
  • ADDED Nebuchadnezzar II Achievement.
  • ADDED Flawless Victory Achievement.
  • ADDED Ultimate Dominion Achievement.
  • ADDED Hoarder Achievement.
  • ADDED Divine Divinity Achievement.
  • ADDED Treasure Trophy Achievement.
  • ADDED Wayward Wanderer Achievement.
  • ADDED Universal Theology Achievement.
  • ADDED Supreme Saviour Achievement.
  • ADDED Soulless Spirit Achievement.
  • ADDED Absolute Blessing Achievement.
  • ADDED Impeccable Yielding Achievement.
  • ADDED Boogeyman Achievement.
  • UPDATED Building cards, once acquired you can keep creating new buildings of this type.

  • BALANCED Starting Faith.
  • BALANCED XP required for levels.
  • BALANCED Casting cost for a lot of cards, increased Faith cost.*
  • BALANCED Banish, changed the rewards from Faith to Action points, removed end of turn.
  • BALANCED Hell's Pit decreased the Faith per deceased.
  • BALANCED Leap of Faith, increased reward, lowered casting cost.
  • BALANCED Hymn of the Dead, lowered casting cost.
  • BALANCED Dark Ritual, no longer ends your turn.
  • BALANCED Avalanche, removed Action Points from casting cost, increased Faith.
  • BALANCED Feast, removed Action Points from casting cost, increased Faith.
  • BALANCED Abandoned Hut, removed Action Points from casting cost, increased Faith.
  • BALANCED Broken Carriage, removed Action Points from casting cost, increased Faith.
  • BALANCED Holy Water, removed the requirement of owning the water. It now counts all neutral + your water. Lowered casting cost.
  • BALANCED Paraselene, no longer ends your turn.

  • FIXED Hymn of the Dead casting message.
  • FIXED Resurrection granting holy points.
  • FIXED Issue with WINNING CONDITIONS resetting.

Note: See NewsArchive for older news.